Shreeram education society has been taking the tremendous initiatives in the field of education to believe in the creative and innovative education policies. our basics moto is to empower each and every student who are from the different social and economical background. The almighty god has created a man and he has given the unique inboarn talent. only should find at that potential in him/her and we here should given the spork to that child. so that these student will succed in their lives. Today children are tommarrow great and honest citizen of our country.

So keeping these things in our mind we have been taking some competitions for these all students to enhance their talent and hidden skills some of the student are literally dumb, they are inactive so that they are not getting the learning outcomes in their schooling lives. we are trying to find out the problems behind it and organizing some special programes for such special students.

1. Brain Development Programme

In this programme our expert teachers train these students for their brain development. This programe has been designed on this topic by todays scholarly people. This training deeply focus on the both part of the brain. The left brain and the right brain. The left brain of human is logical and the right is creative generally most of the people focus on one of them so they can not achieve the sucvess in their lives. Here in this training students learn to use both of the brain. There are some special activities, games, puzzles etc to boost up them.

2.Drawing Competition

The children are so innocent and creative. They like to draw different pictures specially they like to draw pictures on nature and animals. Here we give them opportunities to enhance their inborn talent, we have made some levels according to their classes to organize the competition. we have made 4 levels from 1st to 10th class. We distribute prizes to each level.

3. Eassy and Speech Competition

We organize this competition in all the schools. Topic such as social, political and cultural subjects are given to the students.Students can present their writing and speaking skills here.

4. Singing Competition

This competition is organized in school as well as in colleges. Now a days most of the students are fond of music. Those who are having music talent here we provide them beutiful platform to expose their talent.

We owe something to it as members of this society. As a result, we must look after the vulnerable members of our family.That is why our organisation is working on establishing a SANSKAR KENDRA for growing children, where they will be taught how to start their day with the blessings of their elders and God.

In this centre, we focus on instilling excellent habits in children, such as how to perform daily duties correctly.For example, how to brush one's teeth properly, how to take a bath, how to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness, and so on.


Founder President Kakaji Shri Rameshbhai Pandyaji, of the Shri Ram Education Society, began his humanitarian work in 1978. He founded the Ichalkaranji Shahar Lakadi khoke Chhote vyapari Sangathan, a group of sellers of wooden shacks. All of these individuals worked as vendors at Nagar Palika, where they offered a variety of goods for sale, including ready-to-wear clothing, stationery, tyre puncture repair and other items.

Kakaji Shri Rameshbhai Pandyaji gathered all of these people when the Ichalkaranji Nagarpalika began clearing the area where these vendors had encroached. He then launched several campaigns to fight for their justice. By securing them storefronts there, he re-established these merchants in Ichalkaranji's Raja Ram stadium.

He also obtained justice for the street vendors in Pandharpur, Sangli, Karad, Sindhudurg, and other locations. He helped the individuals.He established the Kolhapur-based Shri Ram sahkari Cooperative Bank and served as its founder President for a number of years. Today, the bank is now known as the DY Patil sahkari Bank.

In NewDelhi, Kakaji Rameshbhai Pandyaji receives the Bharat Vikas Gold Award and the Rashtriy Vikas Ratna Gold Award.Similar to how the Maharashtra Patrakaar Sangh honoured him with the Sahakar Bhushan Award, a number of Maharashtra's media outlets did as well. As a result, Sri Ram Education Society is currently engaged in charitable activities.By offering them sound advice or therapy on any issues with low priority, he aids people in obtaining justice. He also works to address the issues of those in need by offering assistance or organising a demonstration.Children should learn to appreciate their parents and elders through various activities, such as contests for essays on historical figures like independence fighters and scientists.

The Shri Ram Education Society tries to inspire kids through all of these activities. The students were given survey pencils, books, educational resources, and uniforms by the founder President of the Shri Ram Education Society, Kakaji Shri Ramesh bhai Pandyaji. Similar to that, this charity helps aged, defenceless persons and impoverished, widowed women receive medical care, including Rect surgeries and other medical services. Similar to that, this society works to assist the poor and needy with their financial issues through programmes like the Sanjay Gandhi Niradhari Yojana and the Gharkul Yojana, among others.By offering them sound advice or therapy on any issues with low priority, he aids people in obtaining justice. He also works to address the issues of those in need by offering assistance or organising a demonstration.